Monday, 29 August 2011

A very English village affair- and two prizes !

There is something absolutely irresistable, and very Miss Marple , about the English village fete, or indeed the English "Village Produce and Flower Show " at the end of each summer.  There is something very silly but also very life-affirming about getting very worked up about who makes the best jam , or who bakes the best cake and competitions for " Best Onion" or " Best Bunch of Garden Flowers " or " Dog most looking like it's owner".Try as you may, you can resist, but eventually you fall for the charms.I guess old age or reading too many " Agatha Christie" novels just gets you in the end!

This weekend it was time for the "Village Produce and Flower Show " in the village I live in.
This was my entry for the category " Houseplants".*Snort*.Yes, I know ...It is one of the begonia's in the pots and the makeover project I did here.
And I am very thrilled to say, I actually got first prize- and here is the certificate...This with a begonia, my least favourite plant of all, possibly ..o..well..

This was my entry for the category " needlepoint ".It is one of a series of cushions I am working on .

And again- believe it or not -  I got first prize- and here is the certificate...the bobble fringe did not go in properly but they seemed not to have noticed ..shh!!

A village fete or produce show is not just fun  for humans, but also for dogs and their besotted owners.
I think the English do dog-love very well  and there is always a huge crowd of happy and and gorgeous looking dogs, all competing for incredible silly categories, all to the great delight of everyone present.There are a lot of "hey, hello, there"'s ..not just from the owners but even more so from the dogs themselves.

It's just great to see all these dogs socialise, and there are nothing but waggy tails and legs and paws...


This sweet little tan coloured terrier is the first prize winner in the categorie " Best dog with junior handler" but a few years ago it won the prize " Dog looking most like it's owner "..( and it is true- it does ! )
This wire-haired dachshund won in the category " Dog with the waggiest tail"- her owner later told me the trick to keep her wagging her tail, was , to keep on showing her her favourite tennisball !
And this little pooch won " dog most like it's owner " this year- and it was absolutely true, the gentleman who who owned her( or him )  looked just like him/ her!

This happy jack russell and the tan terrier are both owned by the same lovely lady- look at the happy faces!
Amd this lovely looking labrador quite rightly won "top dog all around".

Here are some more winners in the vegetable and flower categories:
" Best flowers"..
And "best basket of vegetables "- who would not want this as a present !!
As I sit here with Maud on my knee (who did not win " best dog" but is "best dog" for me anyway) I look back on a fabulously enjoyable day with not just one- but two first prizes....well..what more can one want!
Shame my little jug with " Bunch of garden herbs " did not win- but you can't have it all!!

Have a great week!

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Mary Ann Pickett said... deserve it.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Congratulations on your two first place awards. Your needlework is lovely. Plus, I love the dog pictures and your comments about them. Too funny.

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Bea,

Congratulations with your TWO prizes! Wow, you really raked in some recognition for this past month; WELL DESERVED HOWEVER!
Have a lovely week ahead and enjoy what you're doing. The pillow by the way looked super too.

Love to you,


CIELO said...

Thank you for celebrating your joy with us by participating in Show Off Your Cottage Monday... and congratulations!


Amanda said...


Anonymous said...

congratulations! your flowers and cushion deserved the recognition.

beautiful images of dogs, that must've been fun!

great post!

Liz said...

Congratulations :)

God's Little People said...

Bea, what a charming post! Congrats on your prizes :-) I can imagine the lovely atmosphere - so very English. Your needlepoint is gorgeous.