Tuesday, 23 April 2013


 At least that is what I hope. Because today I have done b*gger all and I now feel refreshed as a daisy.
I have some dull cupboards in my  bedroom that I was planning to be doing a make-over on, and as I am on a minimal budget I decided on some decorative painting with scrolls and flower baskets and such stuff.  
 But I became rather stuck.
So today I let it go and played different bedding and things like that , and procrastinated like crazy....
while my dogs made sure the whole shebang here remains messy to keep me suitably relaxed .

They like the old tussle on the bed, and it keeps me distracted and stops me from worrying about what the heck I am supposed to hang over the bed now that the decorative wooden carving I painted looks rubbish where I want to put it.

Why is interior decorating so difficult ?Thank goodness for animal distractions!

You know cats  love cardboard boxes and things that are specifially not for them, like shopping baskets.
So I reckoned placing an old cat bed in a big toy bag would probably work a treat.And I wasn't far wrong.
 You can always count on Thomasina being there when you need her!

 Of course having 2 cats, this inevitably happened..

One-nil I think :-)

Have a great rest of the week ,people!



Sunday, 21 April 2013


I made the best of the good weather this week and did a lot of outside painting of furniture for the main bedroom.Here are some pieces being transformed- an old blanket box, a side table and a decorative piece of wood carving which I figured I could make into the headboard .
Some quick shots of the make-over in progress..
Here are my handpainted curtains ( I still need to make the curtains to the right of the window)- this is when the wall was still painted blue.
 ..footstool make-over..
and an " after" up to now.. - I need the headboard above the bed - still haven't hung it up- and I may do a design or stencil on the wall which I find  a bit dull..- o-well,

Have a great weekend, people!!