Thursday, 18 August 2011

Green walnut liqueur

If you have never had green walnut liqueur before, you have a treat coming.
This is a delicious and unforgettable drink-and a French recipe so it's absolutely terrific. It's still early enough to pick green walnuts- but you have to hurry!
The recipe is a piece of cake- just putting all the ingredients together .Then .. wait.. and that is the only hard part!!
First you need to be able to get hold of some green walnuts- if you are lucky, from your own tree, or from your greengrocer, or , foraging in the countryside .
This is what the leaf, the outside of a green walnut, and the inside of a green walnut looks like, next to a brown walnut.
First , pick yourself a platter full of green walnuts.You will need 30 or so for this recipe.Of course,  you can double the amount if you double all the ingredients.
The ingredients are:
25 to 30 green walnuts
3/4 liter brandy
600 g sugar
1 cinnamon stick
3 gloves
the zest of 1 lemon
First, get a clean and sterile jar- medium size.Sterilize by running it through the dishwasher cycle and use it while it is still hot( or wash it with boiling water).

Then wash your green walnuts.
Then , put some household gloves on, as the green walnuts stain your hands terribly, and a big knife and cut the green walnuts in quarters,You may have to give the knife quite a whack to get the walnuts cut so do be careful. Better no walnuts and no walnut liqueur then no fingers!

Place all the ingredients, ( apart from the green walnut quarters) -so the brandy, sugar, cinnamon, gloves and lemon zest, in a big bowl with a pouring spout .
Mix the brandy and sugar so it more or less dissolves.This may be quite heavy going.Then put the green walnut quarters in as well.
Mix and pour in your jar.

And you're done!For a pretty label for your pot,you can download   from The Wedding Style Blog  for free
I used this , called " Pretty Parisian"
Print it off, stick it on your jar , write date and what kind of liqueur it is , and you're done !
Leave the pot for at least a month, and stir from time to time.
Then pour through some muslin or coffee-filters into bottles and leave for 6 weeks.
Just in time for a festive aperitif for Christmas!!
(You can also leave it for a year or longer but you may find this hard to do.....  )
Enjoy your liqueur!
Have a great rest of the week!

If you have no access to green walnuts, but only to pecan nuts, you could try the recipe below which is very similar to the green walnut liqeur recipe as far as ingredients are concerned!

1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup water
750ml good brandy
1 cup lightly chopped and well toasted pecans
1 1/2tsp vanilla
1/4tsp cinnamon

Heat sugar and water until sugar is dissolved and let cool. Add all other ingredients and let seep for 6weeks then strain into appropriate container. 


I must let you know, there is also another green walnut liqueur recipe on a fabulous foodblog I just discovered.
This is written by David Lebovitz , a chef who lives in Paris and worked or works at Chez Panisse.
This is the blog :
David uses wodka instead of brandy, and the ratio wodka to walnuts is different plus he has some other ingredients.It sounds delicious too!Of course, for those withoput walnuts, again, I would recommend trying the roasted pecan nuts!  The recipe can be found here .
So of course, today, I have made his recipe as well, and I am going to see which liqueur I like best in a couple of weeks time!
Have a go and if you want, check out David's blog !


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Bea Sweetie...
What a wonderful share this evening. I so wish I had some green walnuts. Does this every look positively beautiful. I can only imagine how wonderful the scent is.

We have no walnuts, the only thing I have access to is pecans. Darn...I will keep searching and see if I can find some somewhere in this Arizona desert.

Thanks for the wonderful share sweetie. It is exquisite.

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Many hugs sweet friend, Sherry

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Bea,

This is an incredible recipe. Would love to try it but might have to search for green pecans instead. Guess they're different, another hull they have. But anyway, the end product looks so nice and after straining the final product I bet it is a very special aperitif. Thanks for sharing again your talents.

Love to you,


Alex Fulton Design said...

Bea - you taunt me with your green walnuts!

Barbara said...

I have never heard of this. I just love your packaging. It looks wonderful! What a great idea for gifts!

Martha said...

This looks so good! But the only walnuts we have n the prairie are black ones. I'm not sure they would work!

Martha said...

Bea -- we do have black walnuts on the prairie which differ from English walnuts in that they are stronger and have their definite own taste. Which is why I was wondering if they would "work" for this liqueur.

Carey said...

Oh my, this looks fabulous. I am definately going to try it. I am hoping to find the green walnuts, maybe in a specialty store. It not I will try with the pecans. So glad you shared it with us.

Have a lovely weekend,

niartist said...

Ummm .... YUM!!!!

BRAVO! Can't wait to see more!

I hope you'll stop by my blog to check out my new feature. I've gone back to doing posts on my home, and I've got my newly styled "bar" in the dining room up. Would love to know what you think!

Thanks again for sharing! Stunning.

Karin Şen Cankan said...

Such a great way to make liquers as we have a tradion to making sour cherry liquers in the family and my mom does green walnut desert I will defeintly give your recipe for the liquer.

Thank you for sharing.

Karin Şen Cankan