Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Hampton Flower Show -Part 2

Here's the follow up of the armchair trip for all of you to the Hampton Court Flower Show 2012.
It's a real visual feast with not just stalls of plants and flowers but also all kind of things related to the garden, like garden statuary and such.
Above was a panel , inspired by nature which I thought really striking and very clever as the design of the fern is cut out of the same sheet and still half attached to it.
Here's another picture by the same maker of the panel and a free standing sculpture of artichoke flowers...

I mean- wow! Love the colours too.
This one here below was a moving sculture which twirled around- it was pretty massive by the way..also inspired by nature.This one was more than man-high- you really had to look up at it.

There were some really lovely garden obelisk as I was sort of on the hunt for a few.. but they all were pretty pricey.This one was about £180,-

And here was another one that took my fancy- but again, almost the same price as the previous one.

The same stand also had a massive fire pit construction thingie which is all the rage nowadays..I have to say I did not really dare to ask the price !Pretty big, eh.I did really like the whole stand - they had lovely old wooden carved doors a bazillion years old and more stuff like that.

Yes, it's real pleasure to walk around and have a look around.
What about this adorable and also slightly creepy "Mad Hatter " tea party fountain as a sculpture cum water-feature ?

Here's another shot of it.

There were some other things which were on show like this amazing " living wall" which was part of a furniture stand display.

Here is a detail, I think I saw Goat's Beard, Ivy and Hosta- so I suppose a wall in the shade could have this too.

And then I came across this - no, it's not a gypsy caravan- but a hen house ( only £ 2750,- by the way ).

It's a real day out and we were lucky as the rain started to clear later on in theday and we could walk around freely without umbrella's.It's such a great venue.I mean- Hampton Court- just majestic.Secretly I love it more than the Chelsea Flower Show.But you did not hear me say that.

And then there are all the show gardens- too many really.Here are a few..

This one was called " Preserving the community" and had everything to do with being self sufficient, making yoiur own jam, grown your own vegetables, that sort of thing.The chandelier with the teacups was an example of such ingeniuity- I thought that really sweet.

This show garden - did not see the name- had to do with the Jubilee, I am sure- as you can see a crown made of flowers in the distance.I loved the colour combinations.You always get loads of inspiration one way or another at a show like this.

And you know, after all the expensive and mind blowing things you can see there, there are also nice areas where you can sit and let the world go by.This band made everyone smile.

We had a great day.And I came away with some great and actually super cheap purchases.Two fabulous huge shopping bags with old fashioned roses on it, which I bought for £ 5,- (!! ) each ( and which I use every time I go shopping ).
One lovely blue and red blanket/throw for £10,- which my dogs love.And 1 apron with old fashioned roses ( £6,-!! ) which I use every day.So there are some really fun things to get which don't cost an arm and a leg either.
Hope you enjoyed the second part of the show.Have a great rest of the week!



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NanaDiana said...

Omgosh- I love all the pictures but that henhouse is just adorable...and the statuary is amazing! Lovely little "trip" here- xo Diana

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

You had quite an interesting visit at the Hampton Flower Show, one can tell. As you said, such a variety and for every taste and budget, which is great. So glad the sky cleared up and you could have a nice stroll around through the gardens.
Dear friend, have a great week's ending and a very happy weekend!

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

I am so sad we missed this show this year! But thanks to you we can at least see the highlights. Love, love love that Mad hatter and rabbit. Really want them! So many wonderful sights here. x

Judy Bigg said...

Sounds like a fun day at the Hampton Flower Show. I do love the purple flowers in the picture.