Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pansies and Eye Candy

Some pansy- related eye candy from a very old blog-post way back -when I first started my blog -has popped up today on the American Design site in one of their " idea books" named " Containers make growing edibles a cinch.
This particular picture of a window box, about which I wrote in November 2010 here appeared on 787 ideabooks on Houzz !! 
Bizarre how the internet works sometimes..  
So I thought to give you some more eye candy to enjoy this Sunday.
What about  this , my front garden after the removal of a huge tree..

Or this.. my rose arch, whose roses I saved with lots of effort as the whole arch had fallen down after all the rain we had lately..

And this.. a lovely place to sit - our back terrace- ( well- only lovely when we have that little bit of sunshine)..

Or this lovely bunch of fabulous sweet peas.. such a lovely scent..

And this lovely and sweet geranium..

And these fabulous Veronica's and Lupins in the front garden..

Or the rose at the front , "Teasing Georgia"..

Or my almost favourite rose, " Peace" in the back garden, covered in rain drops after all the rain we had..

To paraphrase Dr Johnson " If a man is tired of flowers, he is tired of life!"

Have a great week .


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Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

WOW, congratulations to you girl; you're becoming more and more famous. Your garden is a delight with such beautiful colours. Aren't you glad you did all the weeding and hard work?
Enjoy this new summer week.
Love to you,