Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Flower Power

There is something just very cheerful about these Shasta Daisies which are now taking their turn to blossom in my garden, after all the roses have done their bit in the spotlight.
I will miss the roses.. June is such a great month for it..
Such good value  these Shasta Daisies too, as you can grow them from seed for next to nothing .
I have got to get out there and start some weeding as we have only had rain so I have not had the opportunity- but next week it's supposed to be better so I'll have the change to tidy up a bit.

It's been all been all systems go the last couple of weeks as I am working on ..Christmas.
Yes, that's right.I  am busy designing things for the Country Living Show in November.
Bit starnge to be surrounded by Christmas stuff in the Summer but that's the way the cookie crumbles .

You must forgive me for not putting my designs out there yet as I really don't want to be " pinned" and end up on Pinterest, however flattering.

Here's Millie with some of the cushions I created for the garden this summer..all flowers as well.

I have been playing lately with pixlr express - you must try it, it's such fun.
You can do all kind of stuff with it like this..

or collages like this..

You have hundreds of fonts and layout options so the world is your oyster!
Well I have to go- but take it easy and have a great week.


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Janie said...

Beautiful pictures. Your are right..nothing says summer (to me) like Shasta Daisy's, and also wild Briar Roses..