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by Andrea ( Bea )Vonk • 07/06/2014

Photo: Andrea ( Bea ) Vonk  Styling: Andrea ( Bea) Vonk

Nothing says " Summer" like some fresh elder flower cordial made with your own fair hands.
Those elder trees that are frowned upon by many gardeners as they seed themselves easily in every bit of space where they are not wanted, transform themselves in early summer.
Then they are covered in beautiful lacy flower heads that have a fabulous tangy scent .
Those flower heads can be picked everywhere right now .Make sure you get yourselves some before they are gone to transform into cordial (and keep some champagne handy )  !

Here's how to make your cordial :
1.Pick your elder flowers .
2. Shake the flower heads over the sink so that eventual small insects that are on the flowers, fall off.
3.Take all the stalks off the flower heads so you have a bowl full of flowers.
4.Boil the water, then pour it over the sugar in a big bowl, so the sugar dissolves. Let it cool down.
5.Slice your lemons, then take a big pan, and put the lemon slices and the flowers in the bottom and add the cooled down sugar water .Add the citric acid- in my case 4 tablets of fizzy vitamin C tablets which have citric acid ( this does really work ! ).
6.Cover with a lid or plate and let it stand for 24 hours in the fridge.
7.The next day, strain the cordial through a fine sieve.

Serve with ice and chilled fizzy water , or even better, with champagne and a spring of mint .

Elder flower cordial with champagne.
25 ml Elder flower cordial
25 ml Gin
50 ml Champagne
Mint sprig.
Add gin, lime and elder flower cordial to glass.Top with champagne and garnish with mint.

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Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,
What a lovely photo and I wish you could reproduce the smell via Internet...
Can't use such a recipe with lots of sugar because of my diabetes type 2 but it sure is delicious.
Wishing you a blessed and happy Pentecost weekend and good luck with your Millie (read from previous post...),