Friday, 20 June 2014


by Andrea ( Bea )Vonk • 20/06/2014

Photo: Andrea ( Bea ) Vonk  Styling: Andrea ( Bea) Vonk

This year has been fantastic so far for our roses.Last year was terrible - it was so very hot that the roses all dropped off or turned brown .But this year is really astounding.So I thought to show you some quick shots of my front garden and drive which I took last night while my other half was dozing in front of the football on the telly ,The quality of the pictures isn't that great as it was getting dark but it's just to give you an idea.Most of my roses are at the front of the house and I always have some favourites that I plant wherever I live .
I love the “ Albertine “ rose- it's such a good performer .It's got a lovely delicate rose scent ( some quite vicious thorns mind you ) and it's a great climber . The flowers themselves are a lovely soft pink colour when the rose is open, and the shape is like a rose on a cover of a 1950's romantic novel- a bit like a mid-century summer dress with a tight bodice and a wide skirt .The buds are a striking rose-red before they open up. And a great contrast to the soft pink flowers.I grow it on a rustic trellis attached to the front of the house .The trellis I found discarded outside an old florist's shop .

I love the “ New Dawn” rose, too, it's my mum's favourite.Everywhere I live I plant one to remind me of her as we both live in a different coun try and are so far away from each other.It's a delicate rose, not so vigirous as the “ Albertine “ but the colour is a really delicate sort of pink, like the inside of the ear of a fluffy cuddly white kitten.

There's a white rose at the entrance of the drive that was a standard rose with a lovely peach colour, but the standard died off, and the root of it turned into a white rose with huge clusters of roses with a lovely scent.So I can't tell you what rose it is, but it certainly means to it's a good idea to leave your dead standard roses in the soil if it dies as you never know what might happen.

The “ Peace “ rose is one I inherited from the previous owner/gardener, and it's a really gorgeous delicate yellow rose with pink edges, just beautiful. Also a great favourite, I once had a standard “ Peace” rose which my mother gave to me for my birthday..

My last rose at the front is “Teasing Georgia” - soft yellow, and looking like one of those old fashioned roses you see on paintings.. ( but it's more healthy as it's a David Austin rose, bred to be more disease resistant.)Although not as strong as the “ Albertine”, it's a beautiful rose I can really recommend.


Dreaming of Vintage said...

Your roses are stunning! The only roses that work for me are Zephirine Drouhin and a few tea roses that I bought at the grocery store.

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

I have some of your roses and I agree, it has been a wonderful year. I have New Dawn but it isn't one of my favourites I find it a little disappointing. I bought a white rose called "White Knight" at our local DIY store and can highly recommend it! Good form and a lovely scent and flowers all summer! Can't understand why it is recommended more often!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,
Your Albertine rose looks stunning indeed and of course, keeping in mind that this year's weather is exceptional.
Enjoy them while they last; time for smelling the roses in life!