Tuesday, 8 January 2013

On the the top 100 projects for 2012

So, the new year.Some good and some bad stuff happening . Although Christmas seems a distant memory, some people like to craft Christmas projects all year round.Makes sense to me as you have no deadline till months and months later ! Hahaha.
The website All Free Christmas Crafts is a website which is full of tutorials to get you going.
I just received an email from the Editor of All free Christmas Crafts, to let me know that my Wrapping from Recycled Cards is on their list of the top 100 projects for 2012
on AllFreeChristmasCrafts. 
Well, what do you know! It's fun to know people all over the world are crafting away with their old Christmas cards just because I am such a meanie and  figured there was some better stuff to do with my old cards then throw them all in the bin.It makes you feel all warm and cosy inside , hahaha.

I have just returned from my first stockist to check what has been selling well over the Christmas period in their shop.

Imagine my shock horror when they returned a whole bag of goodies.Aaargh!
It just goes to show : happy -end stories don't happen overnight.
And one part of the market does not work the same way as another part.
The cushions above sold like hot cakes at the Country Living Christmas Fair 2012 in London. 

But at my stockist, they did not. 
 On the other hand, the handembroidered AGA covers with cats, scottie-dogs and Christmas designs sold very well..so they would like some more please..- in fact, they want some with labradors as well.. in a month's time, when the Sales are over..

  And the Winter Wonderland Christmas Stockings sold out- just like at the Country Living Christmas Show.

And so I am back to get on with more new designs, I am thinking.. : Easter!
And : children's rooms
Never give up !Use a set -back as a lesson to  figure out how you need to adjust!! 
That's what I think anyway.

Have a great week people!!





Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New year to you and all your family !!! Last year was one heck of a year for me , with my stepdad dying in October, and my mum moving into a care home with, but things are slowly getting better- so for all of you out there with that little bit of extra heart ache and worries in your life- may 2013 be a year where things get better and you can be filled with happiness and peace.