Saturday, 31 March 2012

Home sweet home.. inspiration, and other bloggers..

Much as I liked going to the Country Living Spring Fair in London, there is no place like the countryside itself once Spring arrives, and I super glad to be in the countryside with everything bursting into flower.
There is just nothing like it!
A nice walk in the countryside is definitely a good way to re-charge your batteries and there is so much to see..the first dandelion...

and then this lovely flower...broccoli I thought :-)

..but seen in the field where some are already flowering,you can tell it will be a whole filed of bright yellow, so this is rape seed, my dear friends ..I was so wrong there with the broccoli, hahaha.

I would not mind having a wallpaper that would be exactly like this, wouldn't you?

I feel very inspired by all that I have seen on the Country Living Spring Fair and have found a few really interesting blogs of fellow standholders which I can really recommend.
One , the Sea Garden, had such a stunning display that is has really made me think about how to plan your stand( instead of paiting the walls just plain white )..They painstakingly pinned the whole wall of their stand ( and quite big too) with old maps, pages from old books, old texts and old prints of flowers.It was magical ! Their blog is called A Mermaid's Tale.You must go and have a look.
You can read their experiences about the fair here and also see some of their work, their stand and their display.

                                              copyright and source picture The Mermaid'sTale
Just amazing, and if I had not gone to the show I probably would never have seen them, as they are based far away, in Cornwall.
Another blogger, whom I did not meet in person, but did "meet" through her blogpost about the Country Living Spring Fair, is Ali from Message in a teacup-Tales from Betty and Violet.
As I had a stand myself, I did not have much time to look at other stands, but I did pass by a stand that I loved with vintage embroidery, that Ali wrote about in her blogpost, from standholder Chloe Antiques or Chloe Vintage.
Such gorgeous cushions!

                          copyright and source picture Message in a teacup-Tales from Betty and Violet.

As we are so lucky with the glorious weather we are having right now it's fabulous to be able to relax in the garden with a nice coffee..and to ponder on all these creative people and their inspiring work...

And go for lots of relax and be inspired....there is nothing like a little walk in the countryside...

and if no-one is coming..then Maud will simply go on her own .Don't you just love this little bottom ;-)

Have a great weekend!



NanaDiana said...

Hi Bea- It looks like Spring is arriving and you are having some lovely walks. I love that little sweet puppy butt going down the road! xo Diana

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

Welcome HOME! Yes, one almost feels guilty for not being in the country side during the best time of the year... Maud knows that very well too; she's darting off into renewed life, that is what spring is all about.
Wishing you a lovely weekend after all your impressions (did check out the other's blog) and take time out to walk - walk and walk!
Love to you,


A Mermaid's Tale said...

Hi Bea,
Thank you so much for mentioning my stand at the CL Fair on your blog post! I too was very much relieved to come home to the fresh air and country walks after a week in London!
Christine x