Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Springtime at Modern Country Lady and featured in www. ideabooks

Wishing you a very happy April!! It's been pretty hot and now pretty cold which makes it for a really changeable Spring here at Modern Country Lady.Things are now really starting to burst into flower and blossoming away like my weeping cherry here above- I just love it best when it's just about to open up and some of the flowers are still into buds.Spring really is my favourite time of the year.

And what about these sweeties.. coming up year after year ! I love these grape hyacinths, never any trouble- not like other bulbs I could mention that never appear again after the first year !

Actually, these tulips here below have surprised me completely, as these are the first that have come back after the first year !

They were waiting for me on my return from the Country Living Spring Fair..aww.. so sweet.
I feel very inspired to make a good go of my fledgling business "My Aunt Agatha" and the fair has helped a lot with loads of contacts and inspiration.
At the moment I working my way through the orders that stacked up on the order-book during the fair , from all the people who wanted " My Aunt Agatha" products, tailored to their specifications.
I am also thinking about and researching into fabrics and designs for  a new collection which wil entail hand embroidery but will still be affordable and which will be interesting for my trade customers as well, so life is very busy.
Here are some of the things that inspire me which I may taking as a starting point. I just love beautiful this

..and like this..

Being surrounded by beautiful needlework when you grow up surely must inspire you- my mum Philomene is an amazing needle-woman..
Here is my beautiful mum with my step-dad with whom she has been happily married for more than 25 years now..

And here is a picture of my mum and me some years ago...

Anyway, I digress..what I wanted to say was, I will be working away on my orders and new designs and hope to keep you in the loop of developments .
And on of the exciting bits of news is that I was emailed by the editors of a few days ago, that one of my garden designs, for a potager or kitchengarden,  has been featured in their ideas books..
This is the design..

and the link to the idea book on is here.

Hope you have a lovely rest of the week and enjoy the Spring!

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Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

Wow, I envy you for your gorgeous double pink weeping cherry. Back in Horst, The Netherlands I had one and each spring it was a show case. Here they don't even exist.
So enjoy it for me as well!
CONGRATS on this new publication in HOUZZ; you deserve it and there are many more things you could share with a vast reader group.
Oh, and I so admire your youth and beauty in the picture with your Mum! Precious, you can be so proud. Your Mum Philomene, indeed created extraordinary needle work!
Wishing you a Happy Easter and sending lots of love and admiration your way.

Bromeliad said...

So pretty.

And congrats on the houzz features.