Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The fabulous adventure of the Country Living Spring Fair in London

Phew!I am sure you would love to know a little bit about the The Country Living Spring Fair in London last week and how it all went...It was a very busy week last week- and pretty exciting! ...The fair was pretty packed and super busy.There were more browsers than buyers and the fair had even been busier last year ..:-( I guess it's the recession which bites all of us ! )  ... but overall it was quite an exhilirating experience !!
Here's the fabulous architecture of St Pancras station near which we were staying...I just love the architecture in London, it's so amazing and impressive.
And here below is my stand for My Aunt Agatha on the Country Living Spring fair.

I am very glad I went and explored the Top Drawer Trade fair in January in London , as it showed me a stand without spotlights really does not stand out enough- so I decided to go for two spotlights .

Here below you see a bit of the hustle and bustle of the fair, it's sometimes a real stampede of people! And the fashion and the accessories the ladies are wearing are really something else- a real pleasure to look at!Not for nothing they call London the fashion capital of the world! 
I would not have been able to do the show without my fabulous and supportive mother-in-law to be, Theresa.
She decided to come with me at the spur of the moment when I , at the last minute realised that just manning one stand all by yourself could actually be quite difficult- as when you have to leave the stand for a break, or to chase things up.What a woman !

She was just so great to have around, as she has a great sense of humour, a good business sense and a super sweet disposition- and she is great with people.
We had some great and fun people around us on the stands in the same area,all with fabulous products.
We were right opposite Zinnia Shoes.

Aww!! Aren't these fabulous?I have stood opposite these shoes the whole show and I can't tell you how hard it was to resist them and how people love these!!You must check out their website!!Nagi, the fabulous chap who runs the business, was super and so supportive as this was my first year and he was full of handy and insightful tips about pricing, body langauage and running a business.It just makes the whole thing so enjoyable when you have great people around.
Next to me was Whinberry and Antler
I was so impressed as this was their first show and the stand looked super and had loads of sales and interest.
It was all really lovely with a rustic feel and so very well done.I think they did spectacularly well.

Then at the end of the row was St Gabriels , run by a lovely girl called Miranda.The stand was amazing and super clever , and the bags were just fabulous! You really must have a look and check out their website- this picture is a bit too small to get an idea.

Right next to us were two girls with their fabulous fake flowers, but sadly their business, "Funky Bunch" does not have a website yet!
To sum up the Country Living Spring Fair : not as many sales as I would wish- but that seems to be the case with others as well... but on the first day, and on Saturday, a lot of interest from the press, - about 4 journalist took my details and my card ( although you never know if this may come to anything but we will see..).. and some trade enquiries too, and some sales...so not too bad :-)

Here are some of my bestsellers at the fair by the way :

                                                                           and ( Cafetiere warmer )


You can find all these on the My Aunt Agatha shop here

Sunday was a crazy busy day at the Country Living fair with people queueing around the block.... and in the evening the great surprise of being visited by the assistant editor for the "Home" section of the Evening Standard who wants to write about My Aunt Agatha ..AND a visit from the lovely lady from Country Living Magazine who would like to feature me in the "Emporium" pages.....!!!!! Yippee!!

I think it's time for a cup of tea and a relaxing evening in the garden after all the hustle and bustle in London,as the Spring weather has arrived while I was away..and then tomorrow we start with new plans and new designs!
Have a great week!

PS I just noticed there was already some coverage about My Aunt Agatha, in a review on the Sewing Directory Website..here is the link in case you would like to take a look!


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

Well, you still sound very upbeat and bubbly after this great experience and great exposure!
Always some good things will come forth of this. You were indeed blessed for having your sweet Mother-In-Law to be, assisting you. You need eyes and hands on such fairs.
Wishing you a great spring week and a lovely weekend ahead to unwind some. Hope the fur babies did well with you being on the go.
Love to you,


Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

Hello Bea
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog ~ I'm so glad that the Country Living Fair went well for you ~ I agree, maybe there were just a few too many bigger companies in the main area and the smaller, hand~made British ones were tucked away! I know that it is such an expensive fair to participate in, the little companies have the little spaces sadly....so nice to hear from a fellow hand~maker!
Best wishes
Ali x