Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bowood House - and Thanksgiving

Today I have been to Bowood House where the Bowood House Hotel and Golfclub was hosting a Christmas stalls event- and where I was present with my wares with " My Aunt Agatha" at a festive ladies lunch.
Above you see one of the entrances to the estate- this one leads to the club.
( There is an event more magnificent front entrance ).
If you have never been to Bowood House, you must absolutely go- it has stunning landscape gardens set in magnificent countryside.

Here are some of the Christmas decorations as it was already full into the whole Christmas mode...
It was a very busy day, in fabulous and very luxurious surrroundings, and I made lots of lovely new contacts and some new friends that I hope to keep in touch with.

So overall it was a very good day.
The club was very hospitable and generous and we were given quite a nice lunch too- and all for free- so that was really super sweet.
I had loads of very good advice and  tips from more seasoned Gift fair ladies, so I feel very blessed and am looking forward to more crafting, more designs, more plans and more fairs.
So on this Thanksgiving day, which we in the UK don't really celebrate, I would like to give thanks for all the things in my life,for all my friends and their support and love, and all my blogfriends and all their support and kind encouraging words, and for all the kindness bestowed on me, to Katy from Bowood who fitted me in although the place was full, as she liked my things so much, ( and who is a gifted jeweller herself  ) and Giselle, from Ginnel Gifts who stood next to me with a stand and has given me heaps of advice on suppliers, and productlines and fairs , and Kaz with her fabulously fun illustrations and Bee with her fun pottery painting parties.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!


Mariette said...

Dearest Bea,

That must have been an absolutely stunning area for having your stand. Great that you connected with so many worthwhile friends. One always learns, no matter how, it proves valuable over time.
Thanks for you visit and comment on Thanksgiving day. We had a lovely dinner together with our best friends. They adopted us as extended family.
Love to you and by the way you look great in this photo!


Mariette said...

Goedemorgen Bea!

Wil je even bij mij langs gaan?
Wens je een heel fijn weekend en alle liefs,