Saturday, 26 November 2011

Christmas presents- dog and cat- - and no guilty conscience

Don't you just love this card ? My Christmas shopping is not done yet- and I thought to give you some thoughts and ideas for Christmas presents without a guilty conscience .The photographer, Joan, is a very caring artist who writes a very moving blog about her adventures amidst the beautiful cats she rescues .They are left with little of no chances for life on the island of Greece where she has made her home.
Visit her blog and her shop,and buy a few of her cards , you won't regret it!!
 The sale of the cards which you can find here on her Etsy shop will all help 100 % towards the care of the cats.She is looking after 40 cats and counting at the moment !!!

Etsy is a great place .Amazing artists and gifts.So I thought to share a list of fun dog- and cat-related presents for Christmas for all my blogfriends who are just as animal mad as I am.Support al these amazing crafters, it's worthwile !!

Here is the link to the list of presents for dog and cat lovers I made on Etsy .
                                          This card you can find here.


                                            These fun buttons you can find here

                   This fun set of cards with Angry Cat you can find here
                     And the set of cards with cat in tree here below...
                                              you can find here

                                            This lovely tea towel here below
                                                  you can find here
                                   And this fabulous dog collar below

                                         you can find here
                                You can find this fabulous cat calendar here below

                                                if you click here

                                               And this lovely dog below..
                                       You can find here

Have a look around , I am sure you  will enjoy it ! And don't forget to get yourself some lovely cards froom Saint and Apostles here on her Etsy shop!
 Have a great weekend!!

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God's Little People said...

Bea you are a peach! THANK you so so much. Every little bit helps and I am moved that you have found it worthwhile mentioning on your blog - it truly warms. And thanks also for adding it to your treasury list, that's just terrific!! I can get so lost on Etsy and just sit and marvel at allt the talent. Etsy artisans are crazy talented and it is just such a great place to buy gifts.
XO and big smile
from Joan

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

Super post and I've ordered some of the lovely cards. Will post about her later as well. Glad that my cold is going down... no time to rest now. Tomorrow lots to do and Monday as we will host a dinner for Pieter's Monday Night Club. Never mind, we'll get it done. That's the punishment for having had 4 great pre-wedding and wedding celebrations.
Love to you and yours,