Monday, 21 November 2011

Christmas past and present- some projects

I just love Christmas, and I thought to take you today through a few decorating ideas , some of my Christmas projects from the past and how you can re-use your Christmas decorations in different ways.

 This Christmas wreath with the teddy bears I made quite some time ago, and had it a standing on the top of the Welsh dresser like here below last year.
To make this wreath you just need  an ordinary  pine wreath, some green-and white gingham ribbon which you make into bows, and three small teddy bears and some striped candy sticks which you fix to the wreath.Super simple!And you can use it again and again.

A year before that, I had the same wreath on the big mirror in the living room.
This big mirror has had loads of Christmas wreaths on it...this golden wreath with red ribbons, and a basket which echoes the red beneath it, is from years ago...when I still lived in Holland.

You make this gold wreath by taking a  straw wreath as your base , to which you pin laurels leaves ( the ones you usually use cooking and making soups ).I used big U shaped pins you can get from a florist.I then painted the leaves gold.It's super simple to do- so give it a go!
The lady to the right is my mother by the way.

Another project I did which is quite fun and really different, is putting up some Christmas lights-covered white painted tree-branches .
You need to take some huge tree branches , put them in a bucket with cement, then paint the branches white and thread them with Christmas lights.Then put your trees around your Christmas dinner table , and leave only the Christmas lights on for a fairy tale effect. 
It really is quite special.I loved it so much I kept it for at least  two months ..And really not that difficult to do! The wreath you can see is green, dotted with red bows, and a rippling red ribbon over the wreath.
The rippling ribbon effect on the mirror was inspired by a door decoration I saw  which I thought was super .The fir tree branches here are composed in the shape of a peacock. Underneath the gold rippling ribbon which idea I used for the mirror.
I made this peacock decoration myself as well for over our doorway, with a huge wreath on the front door, when I lived in the city I studied in.
I can tell you I was pretty shocked when I came back from Art school and found my door wreath was pinched, stolen, disappeared !!I have always wondered what Christmas is like with someone else's wreath!!So I kept to the peacock / pine decoration over the door in the years after that just to be on the safe side .
Instead of Christmas cards you could also bake some gingerbread with " Merry Christmas" piped on it, wrapped in cellophane.Gingerbread is very simple to make and it's just a little bit of a different than an ordinary card.

I love Christmas. But Christmas is not just about decorating , my friends. I know from experience how tough and lonely it can be, if you have just lost someone you love in whatever way and you are on your own for Christmas. The contrast to the crowds rushing around happily, looking foward to some lovely days and you walking around with pain in your heart makes it pretty tough .Have faith,  if you are in that dark place, because it will pass, and you will get through it!
Count your blessings if you are not, and be kind to others, and be there for them.

Enjoy your Christmas projects!

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Mariette said...

Dearest Bea,

What a lovely post and with a great Christmas message about LOVE.
Can't believe that someone stole your precious, handmade wreath. What goes on in the minds of those people? It is so contrary to the true Christmas spirit.
Glad we got home safe yesterday from our 4-day wedding celebration. The actual wedding was in Toronto, Canada. A fairytale wedding...
Love to you,


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Past or present, Christmas is always such a wonderful time...
Happy Thanksgiving! :)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh what a lovely post, and your pictures are so meaningful and full of love. Thanks for joining TTT and Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, marty

Miss Kitty said...

Well, the branches painted white with lights in them is the prettiest thing I have seen all day! It is just magical! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and photos. I saw your post over at "A Stroll Thru Life".

Gods Little People said...

Dear Bea
I just adore the prettiness I find on your pages. Since moving to Greece (just over a year ago) I have (not deliberately) dedicated this year to looking after the cats. I know I will continue to do that, but hopefully next year I will get more time to get my creative bizz up and running again. I love your sense of finesse and miss getting my own hands stuck into glue, glitter, fabrics and all things sparkly. Thanks for sharing your lovely X-mas images - what a lovely atmoshpere you create with your special magic!