Friday, 18 November 2011

The latest from Modern Country Lady - the Gift Fair and other things

Here a small glimpse of the Gift Fair from last week in Marlborough, Wilsthire (UK)..You can see my stand with " My Aunt Agatha" products- quirky and hand embroidered pillows, aprons and tea cosies inspired by Miss Marple, Agatha Christie , vintage embroidery and the British way of life at the time of Miss Marple.There are lot of polkadots,  red and white ticking , and dogs sitting drinking cups of tea :-).Have a look at the shop later on if you have the time !!
There was a lot of interest and positive feedback for My Aunt Agatha and   overall it was a good experience.Nest week I will be at Bowood House in Wiltshire ( UK ) so if you want to know the exact place and time, let me know.It's a very  busy time the month before Christmas  with Gift Fairs, so if you want to stay in touch with me, may I suggest the Modern Country Lady Facebook Page which you can find here ,( or just put this in Google : )

I'd love to hear from you all and stay in touch with you all and not just through my blog !!
And I promise some more blogposts and Christmas projects :-)
The combination of getting things ready for Gift Fairs and fighting a nasty bug / heavy cold has taken all my energy with no time left for anything else, not even blogging !
Luckily I was given this by my lovely Modern Country Gentleman and it pulled me right back from  the edge !!
Helps against bugs and colds- no doubt about it- yesssir !! :-)


I have also opened My Aunt Agatha as a shop which you can find here
or if the link does not work , just put in :
I was featured the first day I opened the My Aunt Agatha shop on Kirstie and Phil's Facebook page with my products, which was very thrilling.!You can see it here below.I was mighty proud.Then I discovered that Kirstie and Phil even " liked" Modern Country Lady on Facebook and then it was time for a bit of running throught the garden and screaming, hahaha.

Not sure you could hear the screaming as far as Alaska, but I came pretty near :-).
Kirstie and Phil, for all of you outside the UK, are Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer.Their Facebook page is here
Kirstie & Phil have been making TV shows since "Location Location Location" launched in 2000.

Since then, they have presented "Relocation Relocation", "Kirstie's Homemade Home", "Relocation: Phil Down Under", "Kirstie & Phil's Perfect Christmas" and "Vacation Vacation Vacation".

At the moment, Kirstie presents a programme called Kirstie's Handmade Britain, where she tackles a different craft every week.Her Facebook page then reflects the featured craft of that programme of the week and you can send pictures of your craft efforts to the production company per email, and if they think it's good enough, they enter it into their craft album on their Facebook page.
I have sent in pictures of projects on my blog every week and have been featured every week so that has been very thrillling and exciting .
Check it out on their Page in the craft and floral photo albums if you like !!

               "the cat is on the sofa so we thought this was safest !" :-)

This is how I found the dogs when I had turned my back for a moment.And in the middle of the sofa a tiny white cat,Tilda,  fast asleep.
O, well !! I suposse it's fair the cats rule as they were there first :-).
Have a fabulous weekend!


Gods Little People said...

Bea your stand looks gorgeous, I really so wished I'd been there. There is nothing that gives me delightful butterflies in the tummy quite as being creatively inspired - I just love fairs for that reason. I did the Pulse exhibition at Earl's Court a few years back and even gained a few great outlets in the UK - I was excited that Jane Packer (the top London-based florist designer) handpicked some of my items for her window display. Anyhow, just to say I understand your wonderful excitement over the Facebook feature! Brilliant and congratualtions!!
Looks to me like the dogs are celebrating too :)

Mariette said...

Dearest Bea,

Just a very quick visit from Toronto, Canada... Have to shower and get ready for the pre-wedding celebration!
Love to you - did LIKE you on FB...