Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Children's rooms and murals

Today I wanted to share a few projects of  of children's rooms and murals I have done in the past - just for fun .....

This yellow and blue children's room was designed by me and existed of a wallpaper design,  two different fabric designs for two baby duvet covers , a folding screen and a clock, all with similar motifs .This one was for the nursery for my best friend's daughter, Dorrit, in Holland.

If you don't know what the baby is going to be like it's sometimes easier to go for a colour that will leave this open !

Here in the UK , loads of people live in really super cute old cottages.. but the sloping ceilings make it impossible to hang anything on the wall.. and your only option is a mural for some decoration..
Here is one I did for a nursery ..

.. and here is another detail..the motif was taken from the fabric they had for the blinds..

Then, there was another sloping ceiling... this time for someone who was crazy about cherubs and blue-and-white....

The only disadvantage  of murals on sloping ceilings is for the painter, as painting half way up with your head in an angle gives you a terrible crick in the neck :-)

The really fabulous and best murals I have ever seen are the ones  in Italy, were you just see unbelievable work, all marble-ed walls, and incredible trompe l'oeils...
If you have never been you must go and have a look!!

I myself have only put the occasional bit upon my wall- this is in a previous house in a  bathroom with a very boring and bland expanse of wall space..

And here - this was not exactly a mural but it did give me a crick in the neck too, as I spent all day on my stomach painting this...( also a commission for a client a while back ) ..

..and here is a detail..

Yep- that was definitely a crick in the neck day !!
And some more sloping ceiling and some more cherubs.. I seem to have spent a lot of time painting them..
Not even very fond of the dratted things hahaha!!

Hope you have enjoyed your tour.. :-)
Have a great rest of the week!!

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Mariette said...

Dearest Bea,

So, and you just now come up with all your hidden talents?! You are so remarkable and you keep surprising us time after time... Makes us feel inferior but that's okay, we just have to straighten our backs and maybe go for a 'crick in the neck' so we can feel good about a job well done.
Cudos to you!


tousled day said...

OMG, this is so beautifull. You are very talented.

fairyrocks said...

Your work is so lovingly crafted. Gorgeous work.Beautiful rooms and tub!!