Friday, 26 November 2010

Autumn colour- and a "before" and " after"

I love Autumn , with it's colours and it's smells, and although there is a threat of snow in the air, the trees are still full of wonderfully coloured leaves.Enjoy it while it lasts and before everything will be white !!
So I stopped my car on the way back home through the forest, and picked armfulls of branches of orange and yellow oak leaves, and then stopped by the shops and bought some chrysanthemums- I love the smell, and the pompom-ones are so great looking ( just like pompom Dahlia's in late summer ) - and some roses, to make an Autumn table setting  before we start with all the Christmassy things...
I still had a few pumpkins left, which went very well together with the other autumnal colours.
This is what I had to start with- see below:( o, yes, I did have a cup of tea as well )..
                                                  The autumn colour "before"

I sliced the top of the pumkins off, scraped out the pumpkin flesh and put it aside for later (- pumpkin soup ! mmmm !! ) then put within both the pumpkins a bowl with water so it could work as a vase.
A bit of arranging of the leaves, some fuchsia-couloured  accents with place mats, ribbon and roses, and below you see                           the Autumn colour " after".
and a detail here below:

and another detail below:               

And no guesses what I will be eating tonight : pumpkin soup!
Have a lovely weekend!!


The Lettered Cottage


Diane H said...

Absolutely stunning! Enjoy your soup, I just cooked up all the mini pumpkins from my garden and they are ready to puree.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

That is quite a well done arrangement by you! Smart idea to eat the pumpkin for soup; after killing it first. This way it gets a second life!
What a healthy and big oak leaves you have in your area. Must be the milder temperatures and more rainy days than we get here I guess... But one cannot have it all.
Your cut-out lacework table-runner looks so festive with the same color bow you used in the arrangement!

Wish you a happy weekend!

Mariette's Back to Basics

Deborah said...

Well how creative is that?!
Awesome idea and it looks gorgeous!!!
Theres snow here and snow-packed roads...
all overnight.
Its beginning to look alot like...
yes .. CHRISTMAS!!!!

Deborah xo