Saturday, 16 October 2010

Plant plenty for perfect enjoyment

This is the time to get down and dirty with the bulbs and the bulbplanter.
Have a look around and see where you can get a bargain- and plant, plant plant till you can plant no more.
Then sit back and enjoy - well , it will take a couple of months but it will be worth it......
You will be able to run through fields and fields of daffodils, with your hair streaming in the wind, enjoying the bounties of spring, hand in hand with your loved one, laughing and runing into the perfect sunshine....well maybe I am getting carried away a bit........ but the hard work is worthwhile.....

I managed to get 20 kilos of daffodils for £ 15,- in a country-style farmers/ horse-lovers outlet ( called SCATS- my almost favourite shop in the world, after charity shops) but you can also look in farm-shops- they often have avery affordable garden section as well- ,  just have a look if you can find a bargain- planting daffodils in spades works verry well!!!


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