Wednesday, 20 October 2010

brrrrrrrr it's cold out there..!

I was scraping off the ice of my car this morning- it's definitely time to get out those woolly hats, scarfs, and gloves- and if you haven't any yet, get yourself some wool and get knitting- it's great fun !!!!
The scarf I am working on has a cable stitch, a bobble stich and a diamond pattern- all inspired by a  Boden scarf which I was too mean to buy- so I decided to knit one myself.
You can get your inspiration from anywhere- there are no rules !!!!

                                                 scarf at the beginning

You can get lots of how-to-knit books in second-hand bookstores- and cheap wool from charity-shops!!!!

It just takes a bit of time-...but have fun!!!!!!Happy knitting !!!!!
More links about fantastic scarfs and knitting on two great blogs  centsational girl and
The inspired room
By the way, I will post a tutiorial about how to make this scarf in a few days- so get yourself some wool in the meantime!!


Luciane at said...


I love the color! It's beautiful and a scarf should always be fun!

Let us know (and see it) when you're done. :-)

Luciane, From

About Southern Belle said...

Love the color and the pattern. It would be nice to see what the scarf looks like once finished.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness how I wish I could knit! This pattern is gorgeous. I must take a class. You knitters amaze me every time.

Thanks so much for linking to my air your laundry friday party!


KimMalk said...

It looks like it's going to be gorgeous, pretty color yarn, pretty pattern...