Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Thames Pageant

Well! What a fantastic spectacle the Thames Pageant to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee was... Instead of battling my way through the crowds and the wind and the rain I enjoyed it on t.v. with a nice cup of tea and a couple of British Fancies.. ( some small cakes.. in the correct festive colours red, white and blue )..yes I know it's not the same but there you are - I am lazy !! ( and greedy ).
How about you ? Did you manage to see it ?? According to the BBC the pageant will be broadcast all over the world so the chance is, you might probably have seen some pictures anyway..

The boat on which the Queen and the Royal party were taken down the Thames was called "The Spirit of Chartwell" and was beautifully done up with huge areas of flowers,- look at those purple lupins on deck!!

                                                               picture credit BBC 1 

                                       This looks the size of a small town garden to me !!

                                                             picture credit BBC 1 
There were red and gold chairs and huge swags of  red flowers all along the boat..

                                                                picture credit BBC 1  
.. and Kate Middleton- or the Duchess of Cambridge as we now call her, looked absolutely stunning in a festive  red outfit..
                                                  picture credit
 It really was very much the Canaletto painting with all the boats and barges that had come to life..

                                                         picture credit here

 I have taken some pictures of which the quality is not too great, but just to give an idea...
Here is an impression of the Thames with all the boats on it.. just like Canaletto's at Tower bridge....
                                                   picture credit BBC 1 

..                                  ..............and past the Houses of Parliament..

                                                                picture credit BBC 1

                                                       .. and past Saint Paul's Cathedral.....

                                            ..... picture credit BBC 1

Some of the boats were just fabulous to look the "Gloriana"...

                                                           picture credit here
And boats and rowers from all over the world like these Maori chaps here...

                                                            picture credit BBC 1

..and some gondoliers all the way from Venice, Italy ...
                                                             picture credit BBC 1

There were loads and loads of boats and the spectacle was very festive..

 I thought there was a lovely atmosphere with the crowds absolutely loving it, come rain or shine...

                                                     picture credit BBC 1  

                                                               picture credit BBC 1  
And I think the Queen loved it, too.. here she is smiling and laughing at the chaps with the flags doing a semaphore on the Royal Festival Hall..

                                                               picture credit BBC 1  

- and when the rain started to come out I noticed thay all had matching red umbrella's- such a colourful, cheerful  and good idea !!!!

Well- Many Happy Returns, Your Majesty!! 

What a great day!! I am sure everybody enjoyed it immensely..

Have a great Monday- and if you are in the UK - a great rest of the Bank Holiday Weekend!!


Rugrat floormats said...

Looked stunning , Just finished watching clips of it on the news here in the Land down Under (Australia)

Beautiful Blog Bea well captured.

Rugrat floormats said...

Just watching clips of it on the TV here in a land down under ( Australia) Looks amazing.

Beaut Blog Bea Well captured. Julianne ( Hook and Linen)

NanaDiana said...

Bea-What an amazing celebration! I just love all the pomp and circumstance of it all! Love Kate's beautiful outfit- xo Diana

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

That was indeed the headline story for the news today! It is special and even with some rain, it works like the magic of a fairy tale.
Enjoy your Bank weekend and love to you,


Aunt B said...

Thank you so much for this. My husband really enjoyed this post too. I've posted a link in my News of the Day today.