Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My favourite flower, an unfinished painting and some more garden cushions...

Paeonies are my favourite flowers.. I just adore the scent and the shape of the flowers- like an old-fashioned cabbage rose.Plus it's a June flower - the month of my birthday so they always seem so festive and remind me of my birthday...just hope all the buds will open!

I am not sure I told you that I originally trained as a painter. This is a panel I am still to finish.It's been some time though since I painted. I must put some time aside to finish this..I could see this as a panel on a door or  cupboard as well, can't you ?

Here's almost the whole panel apart from the unfinished bottom bit.

I am still working with all the fabrics that my sweet and kind neighbour gave to me and have enjoyed myself immensely making patchwork cushions for the garden.

Like these - the pale green with the heart..( all used in the house at the moment because of the bad weather here)..

..and this one in blue with lots of hearts..


..this one is yesterday's cushion..

..and here's today's garden cushion.. prefer this one to yesterday's to be honest..

I came into the sitting room just now and happened to come across this..

I got both Tilda and Thomasina from a small holding- the farmer said he only would let them go if they went together- and I am so pleased he insisted on this.. I think he was quite right.

aww- two little sisters...

I know I am very lucky with my two lovely cats and two lovely dogs!!

Have a lovely week and mind your step tomorrow - the 13th!!



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Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

LOVELY post and full of romance. June is the wedding month and your peonies would make perfect wedding flowers. Also for your Birthday of course.
The heart pillows are exceptionally beautiful and romantic.
Last and almost best are Tilda and Thomasina together. If Tilda did tell her sister all about her adventure?
Hope you have some sunny days coming your way. By the way, I just commented on a German blog about my silver lucky 13 charm that I have bought in Germany and hangs on my bracelet. Here in the USA 13 is not a lucky figure but I like to adhere to my German charm!

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Those peonies are so enchanting! Sadly my plants are all battered by wind and rain and this year does not see them at their best. I love the photos of your cats too! x