Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A festive Jubilee lunch- Scandinavian Smorgasbord Dish :prawn and dill torte and Eton Mess

Wow , what a fabulous festive couple of days we have had here with the Queen's Jubilee.
To cap it all here are a few  recipes of the festive Jubilee lunch that I made which are super simple and rather yummy -if you can slice and butter bread and crumble meringues you are half way there...
A Scandinavian Smorgasbord Dish : prawn and dill torte as a main lunch dish and Eton Mess as a pudding.
Here is the finished Scandinavian prawn and dill torte.

 For the torte you start with a whole loaf of sliced white bread..

Cut all the crusts off.

Split the slices in half and put them next to each other on a plate.

                                      Take two tubs of cottage cheese and put them in a bowl.

                          Then crumble in some blue cheese - like Dolcelatte- and mix it all together.

You will also need: prawns..


..and dill

 Take a nice cake stand to put your torte on - remember, you are trying to make it look like a decorative cake- but then a savoury one..

Put two slice next to each other on the cake stand and spread some mayonaise on them ( this is not a dish for slinmming , ladies! ).

 Then spread some of the cottage cheese plus blue cheese mixture on the slices.
Add some prawns..

 Then go on building layer..( = white bread + mayonaise + cottage-cheese/ blue cheese mixture + prawns)..

..after layer..  ( = white bread + mayonaise + cottage-cheese/ blue cheese mixture + prawns)..

 ..after layer ( = white bread + mayonaise + cottage-cheese/ blue cheese mixture + prawns)..
..after layer ( = white bread + mayonaise + cottage-cheese/ blue cheese mixture + prawns)..

 Go on for about 5 or 6 layers, then put a thick layer of the cottage cheese/blue cheese mixture on the top..

Cover the sides with mayonaise, then press the dill against the sides....

Now for the top and the decoration !. Take your sliced cucumber and make a cut in it halfway like here..

 ..this will make it possible to twist one half of the slice one way, and the other part, the other way.
   Decorate the top of the torte with these twisted slices, in the shape of an X.

  Fill in the bits in between with fresh prawns..

.. and you're done!!

 For your pudding, Eton Mess, all you need is strawberries, whipped cream and meringues and some nice glass coupes..
Crumble the meringues..then put a layer on the bottom of your glass coupes.


. then a layer of strawberries.. then the crumbled meringues again, and add the whipped cream on top

 ..and to top it off, put a strawberry on the top..

Here you can see the layers of the merigue and strawberry very clearly- it's a lovely pudding and super simple to make ..

 ..and with the left over cream and strawberries I whipped up this..

...of which I ate loads to give me energy to clear up ..this..( groan) ..

Have a great rest of the week!!



Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

You're quite a sport! What a yummy prawn and dill torte and also the Eton Mess is simple and delicious I bet.
Have a wonderful week ahead (mid-week) and soon another weekend.
Love to you,


NanaDiana said...

OMGoodness! Yummy AND Pretty! Thank you for the beautiful presentation. xo Diana

Chubby Chieque said...

That's cool seeing someone, make a "Smörgåstårta", means sandwich cake, coz lots of my bloggie friends asked me how to prepare it. EZ pessy, right? However, the Swedish way is more job:
Visit me in this post http://simchieinspires.blogspot.se/2012/05/swedish-mother-day-my-style-on-ttt.html

Enjoy your mid-week.

Greetings from Stockholm,

galant said...

I love the look of that savoury torte, but did it taste as good as it looked? Eton mess I've done many a time, but I love your 'coupes' as you call them. I actually prefer using raspberries, but either, it's a super and easy dish to make.
Margaret P