Friday, 18 May 2012

Life is better with a hat .

 I have always worn hats.I have to admit I don't "get" it that people don't wear them anymore.What's not to like?
A hat is not there so you can look ridiculous or eccentric but because a hat protects you against the sun, the rain, and all that kinda stuff. 

And this started pretty early with me when I was running around as a grashopper . All thanks to my mum who made sure I had my head covered.

So here are a few of my favourite hats which I have loved and worn till they went to the big hat shop in the sky.

My straw pith helmet.

                                        image source here

Fantastic when the sun beats down on your head.I have taken this hat everywhere - it has been all over France and Italy in cars and aeroplanes and it lasted forever.Here it is in the Tivoli Gardens outside Rome.

My upturned brimmed straw hat with blue trim was the one that came after the straw pith helmet .It has been with me everywhere as a guard against the hot sun- especially in California ,where I bought it..Again, even though it was straw, it lasted a long, long time.Here is is on the Queen Mary.

Here it is working hard in Santa Barbara.

Now remember, not only do you protect your head against the sun beating down and getting a heat stroke, but you do protect your skin as well .You won't notice at the time but you will later on in life. Joan Collins put
her youthful appearance down to the fact she never goes out into the sun without a hat and she never has .

Here's a second hat I bought in California which is a bit over-fussy . It has become my gardening hat - perfect ! So even if you look a complete fool you still have your head protected.

Of course the weather in the Northern part of Europe is not so much a matter of too much sun but rather too much rain- and it can get darned cold as well.A hat  is so much more practical than an umbrella which you forget ! Here is my black velvet hat with fake leopard trim .Yes, I know leopard skin is really for tarts and ladies who  work in bars.So sue me- I don't care ! :-)
This is on a demo to keep BBC Radio 4 on Long Wave.I was one of the coordinators, and it was one of the reasons why I came to the UK.
 The hat is keeping me dry against the lovely English drizzle .I had this hat for years as well and I think it is still somewhere .

The winters in this part of the world can be pretty darn cold too- so after the leopard skin trim hat , I found a black wool one - fabulously warm.

Of course there are other reasons apart from the rain, the cold or the sun to wear a hat..

..although this hat is the only one that has not brought me any luck .
It's quite a pretty hat- but take my advice and don't buy anything second hand for your wedding.

I think it brings bad luck .I bought this from a second hand shop as I thought it so pretty.Wrong!.O-well- if we knew everything before-hand we probably would not go out of the house anymore !
Moving on !
My present hat is this one which is perfect in rain, hail storm and snow- so just the average summer day in the UK you might say.
Perfect! Just like all the other hats, I probably wear it daily.Not indoors though -OK!

So chuck that foul umbrella and get yourself a hat!
 You know you want to!!
Have a great weekend.

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Deb said... look fabulous in hats. I think it takes some getting used to if you never wore them growing up. I think once I ditched my baby bonnet I was done with hats. Deb

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love your hats and you look wonderful. I have a straw one that I wear in the summer. Kind of fun. Hugs, Marty

Curtains in My Tree said...

I love wearing hats , I bought 3 at an estate sale last week end , One is white wool and feathers all under the brim. I will wear it next winter

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

You look like a fabulous MODEL! Wow, hats suit you so well. Yes, Joan Collins was right about keeping the sun out of your face, that shows at at later age.
Just got back from the Bahamas where we went on a cruise and guess what I packed in my luggage? A hat, a soft and packable one. I do have several ones too. The only problem I face is that when I put my hair up, the hat does not fit over it... As I love to do both, I always MUST opt for one of the two.
But once again, compliments for wearing your hats with such grace and style. You are a very beautiful woman.
Love to you and enjoy your weekend.

God's Little People said...

Oh Bea, you're too right about that. I adore hats but have never really worn hats apart from keeping ears warm in winter time :-) I come from a part in the world where there's not really a culture about hats but (a great shame) so I've secretly stored my fancy hats in my wardrobe :-) Some years back I bought two gorgeous hats in London but gave them away for charity just before moving to Greece - knew I'd never wear them here (black wool + gorgeous ribbons). I even had a time where I seriously considered studying to become a milliner. Oh what a world... You look absolutely fabulous no matter which hat you wear. I find the upturned brimmed straw hat particularly gorgeous!!
xo Joan

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh we are kindred spirits! I too love hats and living in the desert wear them all the time.

So pretty!