Thursday 17 May 2012

In Agatha Christie's Country House Garden...

This is the time of year of the beautiful rododendron.This pink and white one is in the garden of Agatha Christie's country house Greenway in time flies! it's almost a year ago since we went to Devon and visited there but I just wanted to share some pictures from the garden and the beautiful plants there.. The house itself is nestled beautifully amongst green hills and has beautiful views..

                                        photocredit : by Michael Freeman on

It has landscaped gardens that gently slope down to the river below in which you can walk forever and masses and masses of flowering shrubs..

I came across some shrubs and plants that I had never seen this one..

..and this one.. the handkerchief tree I think it is called..

We had taken the dogs with us and of course what they love best is hanging with their heads out of the window..

I think one of the reasons man loves dogs is because they don't care how silly they look...

Maud certainly does not care as long as she can stick her head out of the window!

I think Agatha Christie would have liked Maud with her independent attitude.

 The house is super cosy and I particularly loved the library. It was just the right size, not too big and with lots of books and a nice sofa and some comfy's Agatha Christie herself  in there..

                                                    picture credit The Independent online

 There were beautiful camelia's ..

and tulip trees..

....and the landscaped park is lovely to walk in, so we explored quite a bit together with the dogs , all the way to the river..where there is a sort of landing area called The Battery..photographed when we visited it ..

This is the ( same ) battery with Agatha Christie and her husband, Max Mallowan..

As you can see the view has not changed a dot in probably forty or fifty relaxing and lovely.
It's a super place -I absolutely adored the gardens...and we and the dogs had a really fun and happy time on the Battery with the lovely views over the river....

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so I can really recommend visiting..It's a lovely and super homely family place , and if you are interested in visiting  and want know more details you can read more about it here .

    Have a great rest of the week!!

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NanaDiana said...

What GREAT pictures. The gardens and scenery is just fantastic. I LOVE that picture of you that is "vintage"...what a happy, sweet image.

And...I laughed right out loud at the pictures of the dogs. So funny. I know we see it all the time but never think to take a picture of it. xo Diana

DIYbyDesign said...

Your photos are just lovely. Your dogs are quite the characters. Too cute. Thanks for dropping by...I'll see if I can get wifi and set up a room for you. :)

Hena Tayeb said...

Love the pictures of the dog.. fur blowing in the wind. :)

Aunt B said...

I love a good garden. I was visiting Finnerty Garden at the University of Victoria, here on Vancouver Island, last weekend and saw many of the same plants. Interesting that we share such similar growing conditions. :)

The tree you call a handkerchief tree was labeled "Dove tree" at Finnerty. Lovely, lovely thing, especially when backlit so the sun shone through the leaves and petals.

Thanks for sharing the pics. I'll be sharing this one forward.

Maria Elena said...

I really loved reading your post! What a beautiful home and gardens! I love your dogs, they are just too cute! Beautiful pictures!