Monday, 28 May 2012

the good, the bad and the ugly- clutter

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful summer as we having are right now in the UK !
Boy, was it time to have a few rays of sunshine instead of all the rain!
And there is nothing like a fresh bunch of Sweet William to put a spring in your step..

 My lovely neighbour about whose house and garden you can read here

...has managed to sell her house within a month of putting it on the market, for a really good price with a decent profit.. and really it got me thinking.. about presentation and about adding to the value of your property.

The house I live in with the Modern Country Gentleman is really not very exciting, but with vision and a small budget, a lot could be achieved.And who knows, we , too can sell for a decent profit and buy our dream house near the sea!!

So I have now started on the first step : to de-clutter.
This is where the ugly comes in..

But I have done my best, starting in the kitchen..this side is usually covered in all kind of bottles of olive oil, vinegar , spices, honey, a breadbasket, scissors, some old Christmas decorations, placemats- a whole area covered in stuff...

..but this is better I think..
 and this part is usually covered in glass jars -to be used for jam - and crockery that needs to go in the dishwasher.... but this is better too I think....

There is something very liberating in de-cluttering..I can really recommend it !
This is all going to the charity shop - or to family or friends..

..which will give me a nice and tidy wardrobe again....

..and once I get going it's almost impossible to stop !!!

I am so pleased we finally have some gorgeous weather were you can sit outside in the evening, have a nice meal in the garden on the terrace,
 a glass of wine, some salad , a huge bowl of pasta with.. errmm ?!?

cat ?!?

...have a lovely week !!!!



NanaDiana said...

Bea- I am working at decluttering and getting rid of things, too. It is a big job. Good for your neighbors for selling so quickly. xo Diana

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

Oh my, you certainly are sounding like you healed from your health problems. That bowl of pasta/cat is precious. Your feline photos are the best.
Probably you did a great job also in spreading the news about the special home for sale next door. I am so glad as it is tough for selling it nowadays. Good for you.
You're also right about de-cluttering... but it's hard to do and to maintain at times.
Hope you did enjoy your Pentecost Sunday and Monday (?), if that's applicable for the UK as well as the rest of Europe.
Love to you,

Grammy Goodwill said...

I am constantly decluttering so I know what you mean. We had talked about putting our house on the market, but then we changed our minds. But the stuff still has to go! I love your kitty - such a great picture.