Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter egg painting inspiration.. and another feature on

I can't stop being all Eastery and thought to share with you my inspiration for painting Easter eggs.
I can really recommend creating your own heirloom pieces from a simple chicken egg.

The enamel eggs from Halcyon Days are a real inspiration, if you want to move away for a change from the simple stripe or dot  .

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I would love to get an egg as a present with a ruin painted on it like this one.
Or this adorable one ..

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Yet, with  prices like $125,-  to $245,- for an egg like that, this is the time I usually decide to create my own.

This is and Easter egg I did some time ago, covered with butterflies.
You start with a chicken egg, from which you blow out the egg white and egg yolk,( you can read how to do this on this post here )  then cover with a base coat of paint.I used artist's acrylic paint as it has a matt shine and dries relatively quickly.
Then you find a design that inspires you, and draw the design on your egg with a Staedler Technical Drawing ink pen 

or a Rotring Pen 

These pens will give you a very neat line and can draw very precisely and thinly.
Here is an chicken egg with a design drawn on with one of these pens.

You then fill in the colourfields with acrylic paint.An egg with both sides painted takes a bit of time ( it takes me two days ) , so varnish it afterwards so the paint won't run  and your work won't be ruined.
Here's some more Easter egg inspiration for you..

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Have a wonderful time decorating and painting!!

I received another email from the editors from that one of my ideas , again for a garden  design ( paving ) had been featured in one of their idea books.

Here is the link.
Happy Easter !

And the latest adventure of Maud and Millie can be found on their blog here

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Julie said...

I am inviting you to come and be part of my blog hop:

God's Little People said...

Bea, I love these Easter eggs but most of all I love the one you did, fantastic! And congrats on the garden idea feature... you do seem like an endless source of creative ideas!!
Love and spring greetings from Greece,

Minerva Black said...

These eggs are so pretty! I used to have a small collection of painted and porcelain eggs until moving around so much destroyed most of them. Alas, I have only one left now. ; ~ (

Yours is quite enchanting - well done!

At The Picket Fence said...

Such pretty eggs! I love you butterfly one. It's just gorgeous! Thank you Bea for sharing the egg inspiration with us at Inspiration Friday.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh my goodness these eggs are works of art!