Tuesday 2 September 2014


by Andrea ( Bea )Vonk • 02/09/2014
Photo's: Andrea ( Bea ) Vonk  Styling: Andrea ( Bea) Vonk

I have been on Blogger for a good while now and saw that over the last few years, a lot of bloggers moved to the quick and easy photo sharing site Instagram .Sometimes they would completely give up on their blog - which I think is a real shame- and just have an Instagram account. Curious to see what it was like, I opened an Instagram account last month when I got a more modern phone.And I can tell you, it's all good.It's quite a friendly and really lovely community with lots of artists, designers and other folk being very communicative and supportive.If you don't believe me, have a look- you can actually look into people's account if you go on Google and then put "Instagram " into the search engine.Here's the link of my Instagram account .And I enclose here below some of the most liked photo's on my account.Have a great week  people and maybe see you there as well !!  

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