Saturday, 12 February 2011

A posie of pretty flowers for the weekend

I stumbled on this on our walk with the dogs today and that it would be nice to send you all a little posie from the countryside.
So here you have a bunch of spring flowers from me with a very warm wish to you all to have a wonderful weekend.
There are wonderful places to walk in this part of the country, and you can come across unexpected hidden woodlands covered at the moment in glorious drifts of snowdrops.
The countryside is so beautiful here , and I am so thrilled spring is showing it's first signs .
I have managed to pick up an enormous amount of bags of spring bulbs,like crocusses and early tulips which had all sprouted , for practically nothing and planted them all yesterday.They were all like this or worse.But I  know it will be fine as they are now nestling in nice brown soil.

It really is worthwhile to give it a go, if the price is negligible.I picked up bags of bags of lilly bulbs last year and the bulbs practically all were perfectly allright and produced lovely lillies for a fraction of the price.
 I planted them at the time in deep tubs with lots of nice dark compost and manure to give the a good start, as the lillies were in a much worse state than the spring bulbs I picked up this week, and had sprouted at least 15 centimeter!!They all recovered..
So give it a go if you come across some poor bulbs that should have been planted earlier and give them a chance !!
Happy weekend !!!

Millie and Maud.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Bea,

When I opened this blog, I went outside in the sunshine (little windy) to make some photos from our galanthus snowdrops and crocuses. We are having a very late spring; but it's coming!
So this is like telepathy, except that our countryside is not as lovely as yours. My what a treat to find snowdrops that have naturalized in such masses -- stunning view. So glad you enjoyed your walk with Millie & Maud (and they with you!). Wishing you a Happy Valentine, with lots of love,


CailinMarie said...

the snowdrops are lovely! and the photo of the trees just blanketed by them is wonderful!
I whole heartedly agree in regards to the bulbs - they really are surprisingly hardy!
Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage said...

I'd love to grow snowdrops- so nice to have something blooming now. Thanks for linking to the Tuesday Garden Party!

An Oregon Cottage