Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Dearest, dearest , darling blog readers- may your Christmas be merry and bright ,  and thank you so, so much for visiting  my blog-  your encouragement and comments mean such a lot to me, - and I appreciate every single visit and every comment you make .
Christmas is only two days away, and there are still so much to do !! I can't believe time has flown so fast! There are still so many presents to wrap, decorations to hang up and dishes to make !!
This is at my home- I wish ! ( We can all dream- right ! )That tray looks inviting..heehee.
I just thought to share some inspirational images before I sign off for the weekend as my chores are sooo piling up!

Love the colour of this Anna Spiro wreath.

                                              and then these quirky eco- /paper trees from Emily Anderson.

Love all the colours of this season!!

                                And you can't go wrong with a classic set-up- to die for, darling!!!

  So smitten with this absolutely gorgeous seasonal cake from Cocina Diary- what a dream of a cake.
                   And what about sweet paul's Santa cookies - so cute- here below!
                   I’m so looking foward to the New Year and new adventures and new  projects  .
Signing off for the weekend wishing you all a very 
delicious, gorgeous, breathtakingly lovely and especially happy Christmas.

See you after the weekend!!


Raina Cox said...

Happiest of Holidays to you, m'dear!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

Merry Christmas to you as well! Enjoy your family time and relax...

Lots of love,

Mariette's Back to Basics

Nita Stacy said...

Merry Christmas to you! Thanks so much for your kind gifts to me on my blog. You are right those are very good gifts indeed. I just became your newest follower.

Modern Country Lady said...

Thank you, Nita!And may your new year be all bright for you and your lovely doggies.