Monday, 12 November 2012

The Country Living Christmas Fair 2012

What an exciting week we have had last week at the Country Living Christmas Fair, with my little company My Aunt Agatha. We had a tiny stall - the same size as on the Spring Fair. And we sold as much on the first day as we did in the whole week on the Spring Fair.Imagine!
This is the little stall just before opening. See my sign over the stall !Yay !!!

 And here is stall before everything was sold..
It's super tiring to stand all day on a stand from morning till evening , 5 days in a row, and I am writing this while coughing and drinking fizzy Vitamin C.

I could not have done it  without my angelic mum- in-law.
Here she is modelling the latest aprons, with the super popular Winter Wonderland Christmas Stockings in the background.

I should have made hundreds more of those stockings.. they sold out in a flash.

The cushions were very quickly gone as well.. sort of sad really ( but good )- I loved the linen one on the picture with the white applique. But I can always make a few more..( once I am over this cough ! )..

It was a lovely Christmas Fair with loads of fabulous stalls. 
 Here's an overview of the stalls from the first floor.
I am just going to share a few of the pictures I took of other stalls that took my fancy- there was so much lovely stuff!!

I treated myself to one of these wreaths- it's hanging in the room as I write and it smells lovely- the link to their website is here

I loved these dogleads and collars from Scrufts- here's a link to their site. there were so many colours and designs to choose from!

I adored these children's toys, clothes and cushions from Treefall Design.The link to the shop is here
Supercute! And I just love the wallpaper.

 Other stands that I really loved with fabulous stuff were Jan Constantine with her festive Christmas cushions.
The link to the shop is here

 Then there were lovely cushions from Chloe Vintage Antiques
Love the embroidery, don't you!

 Here's the stand from Whinberry & Antler. Jacinta and I met at the Spring fair and have kept in touch ever since.
She is super talented and will go very far, I am absolutely sure.Here some more pictures from her stall.

Then there was the huge stand from Susie Watson Designs.Here are some pictures of the stand ..

 And lastly a girl who had a stand for the first time - two stands down from me .Her new website will launch soon and is called  Sophiemadethis

She used lovely Westphalia fabrics for her patchwork cushions and I hope she will do very well with her new website and het future plans.

Hope you have enjoyed the show- it's goodnight from me and goodnight from Maud ( and Millie) - we all need to recover from the busy week!

Have a great rest of the week!


Whinberry & Antler said...

You got so many great pictures!! It was really nice to see you both again... hopefully see you next year?! Jacinta xx

Modern Country Lady said...

Thanks Jacintha! Yes, absolutely- hopefully till the next Christmas show- but I am sure we will stay in touch till then !

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,
What a thrill to read about your hard work but great success. The wide open hall didn't look quite cozy, understandable that you got sick after 5 days. People in and out from the open air and letting the draft and humid air come in. But one good night sleep will do wonders!
You can be so proud and the way you pulled it all off last minute. Thanks to your dear Mother-in-law to be you made it through The Country Living Christmas Fair!
Hugs to you,

NanaDiana said...

What wonderful photos here, Bea. It is fun to see all the different things and gather inspiration and ideas. xo Diana

An Historical Lady said...

Everything is so wonderful and a feast for the eyes! Your mum in law is adorable. I wish I could be there and buy some of the fantastic goodies offered! Thanks so very much for this post and a 'virtual tour' of a lovely event!
Kind regards,

patchworkandlace said...

Hi oh thankyou for sharing the pictures of the country living show,my sister and i did not make it this year as london is just too far but it is in harrogate this year so very excited about that ,your stand looks lovely and your blog is lovely too xx

Kate Hopscotch Handmade said...

Wow, your stand looked amazing, it must have been alot of hard work. I didn't make it this year, but it all looks gorgeous! Well done!

Eddie Ross said...

Loved the Country Living fair in Atlanta last October. This one looks so fun, too! Check out our house in the December issue too! Hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic!

E + J