Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas preparations

Nothing like an advents-wreath - I had no time to make this or hang this up earlier as I was so incredibly busy .
It's proper Christmas to me -blooming lovely !!
 You can make your basic wreaths easily from some willow branches, I made loads this weekend- here's my supply :-)

I had stocked up on pine cones a week before on a walk in the local forest.

Add some local apples - plus some evergreen branches and holly from the garden and then it was action stations this weekend..

A wreath for the front door- ( gingham + evergreen always works for me) a bit carried away and made in fact three!!

Then the advents wreath..

You can attach your apples to your wreaths by just sticking a stretch of garden wire through the apple, and then attach the apple by twisting the two ends that come  out of the apple around the wreath and then around each other.Same for the pine cones really.Add holly to your taste , sprinkle with Christmas cheer and you're done.
I was suffering a bit from pre-Christmas fatigue so tried to minimise the workload.A bit of a tip: put some baubles in a clear glass vase..

 ..add a wreath.. some candles..and you're done..
I did this here as well... a whole stack of silver coloured baubles...add some small Christmas trees and a wreath and some candles- hey presto!
Instant Christmas ! Sit down and relax!!

Here's some more Christmassy shots to keep you in the right Christmas mood..the fireplace...

My desk with the mirror and the wreath of recycled baubles I made in an earlier post..

and our tree- this year an all-colour one..

And to all you non- catlovers out there- to paraphrase Robert Evans : " The cat stays in the picture! ".

Wishing you a very  calm and relaxing week leading up to Christmas.

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Pat said...

Wow. I loved seeing your beautiful home. My favorites were the triple wreaths and that amazing portrait over the fireplace. I bet you get people copying your triple wreaths!

Allison Shops said...

I love your wreaths! I need to do something with apples one year, but live in the woods. I wonder if something would come eat at night!
Dropping by from BNOTP. Happy holidays.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

your greenery is all so beautiful! keep the cat in the pics.

Mariette said...

Dearest Bea,

Your Christmas wreaths and Advent wreath are all lovely.
With your cat in the picture this shows a very cozy setting all throughout your home!
Love to you,


Tess said...

Love your wreaths...especially with the apples. Your kitty is adorable. Is there really such a thing a non-cat lovers? Really? (we have 3!)

I love to see Christmas decorating from England! My husband is English but not THAT interested in decorating. But we do have crackers for Christmas.

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!