Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Things to grow in Denver when you're broke

On a budget and a big garden to fill ?? Here are some affordable things to grow ..not just for cool people in Denver by the way...but for everyone ..
-Daylillies. Get yourself some bulbs priced down in the spring ( half price at least )  instead of in autumn , plonk them in the ground with some manure and voila- no more work - it completely takes over.

Sit back and relax and pour that extra margarita- or moijito which you can now afford.
I have read you can make nice starters with day lillies filled with some creamy stuff and then eat them - but I would just go the safe road and stick to liquid refreshments in whatever shape.Tea is fine too.
You may have to get up from your deck chair next year and divide them and plant   the divided huge clumps in the rest of your garden.

-Shasta daisies.
I got them here. 750 seeds for £1.89, my kinda prices, hahaha !

If you want to lose awkward relatives in a jungle of a flower garden, just get yourself a packet of Shasta daisies, sow them, plant them out, wait a year..

Problem solved. Just send them to pick some nice flowers from your herbaceous border - you won't find them back ever-.
And I would recommend you keep children under the age of three on some kind of lead and accompanied by a sensible adult when they go direction Shasta daisies ...
Unless you really, really want a break from them.

Shasta daisies look a bit like a kid's drawing of a flower- all cheerful white petals and big yellow heart.
If you're sick of the relentless cheerfulness of it all, you can go all moody and edgy and grow yourself some stuff from seed that would grow everywhere anyway- thistles. This is an eryngium.
Same drill : seed packet--> sow- >plant out ->; and re-lax.

You can find it here. 15 seeds for £2.59
Perfect for the climate change as supposedly was to happen with Mediterranean weather and olive groves in the south of England.I remember that every time I put a bucket under my overflowing gutters in the torrential rain in the summers here .
So hot and dry is fine with the Eryngium- but  rain too- so it's a win -win.
There are loads more  thistles to grow from seed-Echinops ritro- like a blue spiky ball-super easy- I will post some pics of these once they come out.

And if you don't want to seem too scary to the neighbours, with an Addams - family style of garden full of thistles, you can go all cutesy - classic with the campanula.

I know it gets boring , but same here :seed packet--> sow- >plant out ->; and re-lax.
 I got them here. 1500 seeds for....£1.89.
 All these I have found super easy to grow.I had many more which did not succeed, like delphinium, and other stuff- but can't always win.
Last one I would recommend- although not as vigorous as the rest..
Echinea.  (Supposedly good against  respiratory problems, bronchitis, sore throat, ear infections  , hay fever etc etc etc . Who cares -though ..) Again : seed packet--> sow- >plant out ->; and re-lax.

Got them here. 50 seeds for £1.10

Hope you people get the seedpackets out this autumn! Have a fabulous rest of the week.


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