Friday, 1 July 2011

Rose mad

I can't get enough of roses this month. Promise me - and especially yourself- you will plant some in autumn  or fall ! Just look at this ! The " Albertine "rose racing up the wattle fence between my neighbour and me- I love the contrast of the red bud and the pink rose- don't you? In front of it is a whole hedge of " Rosa Rugosa " - a very healthy and problem free hedge I planted last year.Perfect rose hips- super for jam in autumn- mmm!
 Coming up my drive you walk straight into the " New Dawn".I should really tie up up more as it hangs right over you when you come in.
I have made it a point to plant a "New Dawn" in every house I live, to remind myself of my mum . This is her favourite.She lives far away and I don't see her often enough but this way I think of her . I think more people should plant flowers and trees linked to the people they love, it makes walking through the garden so much more fun. I have planted a pear tree to remind me of my best friend K.and I keep a close eye on her tree and it reminds me of her. And two apple trees to remind me of my mum and my stepdad.You just look after your trees better if they are linked to the people you care about.
Don't you love the delicate pink of the " New Dawn"?
Then I have to the side of the drive the rose " Ballerina".This reminds me of my  best friend  M . at school and university in The Hague as she has this in her town garden- or used to.A super rose .Tiny and delicate and no trouble at all.Supersweet.
 All my neighbours are rose lovers ( rose mad really )- it's a riot of colours on the walls and in the borders.
 And here is a rose planted to remind me of  no-one in particular- and it took 8 years for it to the backgarden.. so maybe that was jinxed and SHOULD have been planted in someone's name!
I hope I have inspired you with my rose-madness.
Thank you all for your kind comments about my very ill cat Gibson  about which you can read here
Thank you for all your kindness, I can't appreciate it enough.We're off to the vet again and we'll se how it goes.he's sleeping a lot and that is pretty normal but not eating that well..

Keep your fingers crossed..

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Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I love old-fashioned roses. My favorite rose I ever grew was "The Fairy" It had the sweetest little pink blooms and the that arching canes were so pretty!

Christie said...

Your roses are beautiful...I planted some knockout roses this year and hope to add more every year...I'm loving them and so glad I took the plunge and planted a couple :)

By the way... I hope your kitty will be okay..I do love kitties...and your's is so precious :)
Have a nice weekend...
Big hugs,

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

Lovely roses you show and yes, we too have the Rosa New Dawn. It is so lovely. Only this year is so brutally hot and dry that we will loose lots of rose bushes... Sad thing but they can be replaced. You don't have an emotional bond with a rose the way you have with your furbabies. Hope your Gibson is not suffering and you will find out what needs to be done and when. Lots of love and strength. I'm glad you got so many roses in order to sidetrack you a little bit.

Lots of love,


Unknown said...

Your flowers are so pretty! That last rose picture is just gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing these lovelies on Fancy This Fridays!!!

Love Of Quilts said...

Roses are one of my favorite flowers too. Trish

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Your roses are all so pretty. I would love to find some old english roses. I think I'll have to order them though. The new dawn is something my father had in his yard.