Saturday, 4 August 2012

The best kept village

A few miles away from where I live , through just about the loveliest bit of English countryside you can imagine, lies a little village in a valley.
It won " the best kept village " some years ago.
The road down there is one of my favourites as it offers you peeks of lovely rolling country side.

Right in the middle of nowhere is a little cottage which I  would love to live in.

It has grand views all way round and no neighbours whatsoever.

The village itself has one of those cute finger posts that looks like it's been there for centuries.

It's just one big street with a few cottages ,  a manor house and a pub.

These entrance gates belong to a cute cottage-ey style manor house.

They used to have geese walking free at the front but I haven't seem them for a while.With their gak-gak-gak noise and their wing flapping they were pretty scary and extremely good as guard dogs.You can't get past them silently.
.And then there's the rest of the village.

You know, when I see show gardens on tv or in real life, at the Chelsea Flower Show, or the Hampton Court Flower Show, I always think that there are many more " show gardens" around that never get a medal, haven't been designed by a famous garden designer and won't be shown on tv.

But they are just a fabulous anyway.

English people just know how to make gardens look fantastic, even if they haven't got a garden designer certificate.

This poor little doggie was desperate to go for a walk and was longingly looking at Maud and Millie who were being taken for a walk.

It's a cute little street with lovely houses- nothing too grand , but just the right kind of nice.

And if you get bored with the main street there is a lovely walk along the canal if you go past the Gate keepers cottage.

It's perfect for a quiet evening walk..

And the dogs love it there.

Yep, it's cute all right.Even if they did not win the " Best kept village " award this year, it looks pretty well kept to me.
Have a great weekend.




NanaDiana said...

Bea- What an absolutely beautiful little village. Your pictures, as always, are just gorgeous. I hope you have a wonderful day- xo Diana

Jo said...

Hello from 'new fan' - Jo. I also follow you on facebook. No, I'm not a stalker - lol.
You take beautiful photos.... Looking forward to seeing more & reading you lovely blog....
Jo. xx

Jo said...

Me Again.... !!
I'm on here as Just Jo & on facebook as Crafty Gifts & Cards. Pop by anytime.
Jo xx

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

Indeed it IS: The Best Kept Village! Gorgeous post and so romantic with those rose. Maud and Millie seem to have a ball, walking that little trail along the canal. Poor doggy in the window, he would have loved to join those two lucky ones.
You live in a fantastic region, especially for gardens. Enjoy it and don't mind the rain; that's the MAIN ingredient!
Hugs and love to you,