Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Embroidered Valentine's Heart instead of Valentine's Card

Happy Valentine's Day to all your lovely people out there, whether you are all loved up or not  !!
The main thing is to love yourself, allways remember that!!
Instead of a card to give to your Valentine- and if you have a minute to spare and some needle and thread- you could make a quick heart that you embroider instead, which will be so  much more personal.
You will need some natural linen and some white embroidery thread for this, and some filling for the heart, plus a pretty ribbon, and you're done.Super easy!
An embroidered heart is really simple to make. Get a heart shape from the internet ( Google->Google Images -> Heart )  and enlarge it to a required size, then print off and use as template.

If you go on this link  you will find the font I used, Baroque Script.

You can download this but then you have to pay ( which I did not want to do ) , but you can also do a "custom font preview", which basically means you can try out a few words for free.
There is a little  box in which you type the word or words you would like in the Baroque Script Font.
You can put in "Happy Valentine's Day" or whatever you want.You can only do a few words at a time, so for my letters, " You're perfect", I had to do the below procedure twice, once for " You're" and once for " perfect".But then it's absolutely for free!
Then do a screenprint of the whole page ,
paste that on Paint, cut out the letters and paste that on a  Word Document, you then have a document  you can print off to use as a template for the words for your embroidery.
How you can transfer your design can be found here or here.

I used a simple embroidery stitch, a tiny satin stitch.
If you want to know how to do this you can find it here.

Have fun and have a great Valentine's day, and love the ones you're with! And if you are not loved up, do not stress! You never know what's round the corner!!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie...
A beautiful share today straight from the heart. I love this gorgeous little heart embroidered with a little bit of love from you. Just priceless.

Have a gorgeous Valentine's Day sweet friend. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

God's Little People said...

Sweetest Bea
Thank you so much for the adorable Valentine's greeting - it warmed me SO much. I've been so caught up in things with the cats recently that I had no idea it was Valentine's!! Noona is within her last days now (no longer eating) but she is still purring and I swear she is just sat there oozing gratitude from her little blessed heart and soul. We've had some great conversations Noona and I and we agree that we were meant for each other. It couldn't have beeen any other way. It's been painful recently but my heart is still overflowing with a huge sense of privilege... I feel so blessed.
Bea, have a beautiful Valentine's day in the company of your loved ones. Your stitched hearts are so pretty - I've got mine hangning on my china cabinet.
Blowing you a kiss and big hug from Greece,

Mariette said...

Dearest Bea,

Once again such a lovely and even thrifty gift for a special Valentine that you carry over through the entire year!
Love to you and thanks for your always clear and great tips!


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

This has inspired me to get my craft on! Thanks!