Friday, 6 January 2012

Sweet as candy

In my parallel life, where I am absolutely loaded, carefree and  have several abodes, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have one of the older paintings ( from circa 2000) from Will Cotton  like this one, titled " Sweet Nothings" on my wall- ideally filling the whole wall space.
I am not that fond of the direction he is taking with all the nudes covered in ice cream and what have you nowadays,,but the older paintings, particularly the creepy gingerbread house on this one from 2008 called "Alpine ruin" is sheer genius.

Check this chap out on his website for any more eye candy and news- he does sculptures too.

This is the kind of cake I would love to have - no calories!
Mmmm-mmmm !:-)


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Bea,

Wow, indeed a yummy 0 calories cake! Would make a nice wall covering.
Love to you,


NanaDiana said...

How cute. Like the painting and I LOVE that "cake". xo Diana

Hena Tayeb said...

Oh yum and so pretty. I love the gingerbread house on the snowy cliff

God's Little People said...

Dearest Bea
That gingerbread house really is brilliant - I often get amazed at where on earth people get their ideas from.
On a different note - THANK you so so much Bea for your lovely, generous and HEARTFELT support this last week. I'm honestly still trying to find solid ground beneath my feet this year - one more cat is down with the virus (plus several scares!) and I'm hoping the nightmare will be over soon. It's very unnerving with 35+ cats around. Last week I also picked up your glorious little X-mas greeting (I haven't been to the post office since before the New Year). It is so sweet and I ADORE the heart (did you make it?).
With a big mighty hug
from Joan